As catalysts for change, Hindmarsh Greening has always been a visionary group that has gone about its business and has created a ground swell of support and respect that has brought a breath of fresh air to the community.
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Hindmarsh Greening has always been about the people, the businesses and the environment that forms the Hindmarsh Area.

Our knowledge of the local area has often helped people connect, businesses to flourish and for the residents and visitors to the area to get the most out of area.

Our latest project in support of those aims is the Hindmarsh Greening Mapping Project. This project is aimed at gathering local information about the Ward of Hindmarsh and its surrounds.

We'll collate that information for presentation on an interactive map on the Hindmarsh Greening website.

If you'd like to be involved, you can become our friend on Facebook: Hindmarsh Greening.

If you're already our friend, please join the Hindmarsh Greening Mapping Project and contribute your knowledge of the local area to our discussions.

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